Jamie Goodsell is from Hornell, NY and started taking candid photographs on a beach vacation with a 35mm point and shoot when he was around nine years old. The first real moment he thought about photography as an art form was in a high school darkroom class where a teacher introduced him to printing techniques, the manual workings of the camera, and photographers like Marry Ellen Mark, Richard Avedon and William Eggleston (he still keeps his first photo print framed in his office as a reminder).

He then decided to join the U.S. Navy so that he could one day afford to study photography. He moved to Nashville,Tennessee in 2009 and received a BFA in Photography with Honors from The Art Institute of Nashville in 2012. He started interning at a local record label called Third Man Records with the intentions of assisting the In-House Photographer and maybe one day doing shoots of his own. It was about ten months into his internship that he photographed his first album cover, The Shins Live at Third Man Records. 

Since then he has photographed over twenty album covers for the label, done countless portraits, and has been published in Rolling Stone, Uncut, and many other publications. Over the past two years he has put a lot of effort into rebuilding his portfolio primarily with film photography and continues to shoot regularly in 35, 120, and instant film formats. He is available for commissions anywhere on the planet and would love to hear ideas for your next project.

American Songwriter
Brooklyn Vegan
Nashville Scene
Rangefinder Magazine
Record Collector Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine
Uncut Magazine

30th Century Records
American Songwriter
Beggar's Banquet
Brooklyn Vegan
Rough Beast Records
Rough Trade Records
Superfly Presents
Third Man Records
Uncut Magazine

Degree: BFA in Photography (2012) Graduated with Honors

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