Jamie is a music and portrait photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. He was born in Hornell, NY and grew up in the skateboarding community - which he strongly credits for his passion for art and music. He holds a BFA in photography and has been working with many record labels, artists, and publications for over seven years. Recently, he has been more involved with film photography - focusing on capturing real emotion and vulnerability within his work. Available for commissions and travel, please use the contact form below. 

American Songwriter
Brooklyn Vegan
Nashville Scene
Rangefinder Magazine
Record Collector Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine
Uncut Magazine

30th Century Records
American Songwriter
Beggar's Banquet
Brooklyn Vegan
Rough Beast Records
Rough Trade Records
Superfly Presents
Third Man Records
Uncut Magazine

Degree: BFA in Photography (2012) Graduated with Honors

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